78% of Russian companies note data growth

IDC together with Hitachi Vantara has prepared a study called Big data analytics as a tool for business innovation. It showed that more than 55% of companies have a budget for the implementation of solutions for big data analytics.

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Big data analysis becomes an important task for both foreign and Russian companies. More than 90% of respondents confirmed that they face the challenges of big data analysis. 46% of respondents think that the most urgent task of big data analytics is the creation of new business models and revenue sources for the company.

78% of the survey participants noted the growth of volume of data in the company for the previous year. Among the tasks to be solved with the help of analytics, the leader is analysis of transactional data from accounting systems – 61%. 52% of companies will use big data analytics to work with customer information, 51% of respondents plan to use solutions to analyze streaming information.

The study showed that companies are already working with new sources of data from social networks or video streams from cameras. For 45% of respondents, the task of supplementing transactional data with other sources of information is urgent. Integrating transactional data with unstructured content provides more accurate information about business processes, customers, products, and services.  Respondents noted that unstructured information from different sources is becoming very important (82%) with the ability to analyze this information without additional coding (66%).

In the near future, the amount of analyzed information from new sources will be increased. Business representatives say IT departments to analyze new sources of information at least once a month (29%), and in some cases (32%) several times a month.

"Big data Analytics has become a real challenge for companies with the aim to stay on the market. Soon it will stop to be a competitive advantage and will be a daily practice in the organization. It means that companies need the right tools to make the technical part of working with data and its preparation for analytics, efficient and non-laborious. The companies have data and understanding that the data should be useful, so they still have to connect the right task and the necessary technologies", – says Elena Semenovskaya , the Director of research in Russia and the CIS, IDC company.

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Simplicity of use of solution for the big data analytics is one of the most important factors when choosing a solution for 60% of companies participating in the survey. The digital transformation of the company means the involvement of a larger number of employees in the work with data and the ability to use relevant information at all stages of business processes. More and more employees have the access to relevant information in their work, can independently choose the analyzed sources and the format of the final results. Respondent companies confirmed the importance of data integration from different corporate systems (61%) and search across disparate repositories (66%). They need a single point of access to the information that can be used for internal and external analytical tasks.

In the next 2 years, companies that have already implemented and use big data analytics solutions are planning to expand such projects and increase the allocated budgets.

"Big data analytics is one of the key topics for IT companies. We are talking about the value that can be received from data, the problems of access and processing of data from a variety of sources, including unstructured data. The survey showed that 20% of companies are already working with information from social networks, with audio and video files, which also need to be analyzed. The task of extracting value from unstructured data is still relevant for more than a half of respondents," said Yury Skachkov, CEO of Hitachi Vantara.

During the study, organizations with a staff of 500 or more people were interviewed. Heads of IT departments, representatives of business units and data specialists participated in the survey.

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