10 trends in IT market in 2020

At the end of November, 2019 the international research and consulting IDC company submitted 10 forecasts of development of the IT industry in 2020.

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1. The companies hurry to innovations

By 2023 more than 50% of all expenses on ICT will go for digital transformation and innovations (for comparison, in 2018 this share made 27%). The companies should develop the long-term plan of digital conversions and reveal critical success factors not to lag behind the rest of the world.

2. Use of cloud services

For preserving of competitiveness modern services should work in any place and at any time. By 2022 70% of the enterprises will implement the unified technologies, tools and processes of hybrid/multilink management. The organizations should be prepared, find priority offers on the basis of SaaS, define the corresponding key business indicators and reintegrate all IT infrastructure.

3. Peripheral calculations

By 2023 more than 50% of corporate infrastructure will be unrolled on peripheral devices, but not in data processing centers (in 2019 the indicator is less than 10%). It is supposed that by 2024 the number of applications with peripheral calculations will grow by 800%. The companies should upgrade the IT infrastructure to keep up to date and also to find new partners.

4. Digital innovation plants

By 2025 nearly two thirds of the enterprises will become software makers. More than 90% of applications will become cloud, 80% of the code will arrive from external sources, and developers will be 1.6 times more, than today. Leaders of business are recommended to make investments in automation systems and to begin to interact with communities of the open source software.

5. Boom of industrial applications

By 2023 more than 500 million digital applications and services will be developed and unrolled using cloud computing. Most of them will be aimed at the industry. In process of emergence of new applications and services the new minimum competitive requirements in each industry will form.

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6. AI is inevitable

By 2025 90% of new corporate applications will use AI. By 2024 more than 50% of interactions with the user interface will use computer vision, the speech, natural language processing and functions of the complemented / virtual reality.

7. Growth of trust

By 2023 the most part of the organizations will begin to build up trusted relationships in the field of security, risks, observance of regulatory requirements, confidentiality and ethical business transactions. The trust should become the fundamental concept for the companies that they could remain competitive.

8. Each enterprise is a platform

By 2023 60% of the large companies will be connected with a digital ecosystem of programmers and application developers. A half of these enterprises will gain not less than 20% of income through own digital ecosystem / platform.

9. Cross-industry cooperation

By 2025 20% of revenue growth will fall on offers which integrate digital services from earlier not the connected industries. About 20% of partners will also come from the new industries.

10. Technology wars continue

By 2023 the market is consolidated around a small amount of megaplatforms of cloud services, and five of them will cover not less than 75% of a market share of IaaS and PaaS. Top-10 suppliers of SaaS will gain on average nearly 20% of income from expansion of the services PaaS.

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