New research of Dell Technologies: executives around the world notice a significant lag in digital transformation

Despite the steady growth of the pace of change, the latest study of Dell Technologies Digital Transformation Index shows that digital transformation programs are in their infancy in many companies. This is confirmed by 78% of leaders from all surveyed countries who believe that their organizations should be more involved in digital transformation (91% of Russian leaders agree with this fact). More than half of respondents (51%) believe that in the next five years their company will face difficulties to satisfy the changing needs of customers (96% of executives from Russia think so), and almost every third director (30%) is worried that his company may lose the market altogether.

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Marvel Distribution has become the official distributor of Huawei Enterprise

Marvel Distribution and Huawei Enterprise Business Group signed a contract for the supply of full range of manufacturer’s equipment, oriented on the corporate market segment.

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Microsoft DCI research: Russians are 20% more likely to face harassments on the Internet

Russia in on the 19th place by digital culture index as the third annual research of Microsoft DCI has shown. The level of online risks hasn’t almost changed compared to the previous year and amounted to 74%, meanwhile Russians meet them more often than Internet users from other countries.

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Victor Gevers: there is a hole in data bases of thousand of Russian companies

Victor Gevers, cyber security specialist from the Netherland, found a backdoor that gives access to servers of thousands of Russian companies. In total a vulnerability is detected in more than two thousand of data bases. It’s interesting that to access the backdoor the account is used in MonhoDB data bases.

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MTS and Kaspersky Lab launched an anti-virus service provider model

Up to 80% of threats live perfectly in a virtual environment, without needing any modifications. AT the same time a malicious code is much faster within the virtual infrastructure than in the physical environment. As a rule attackers use the fact that companies can’t protect expanding cloud configurations.

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