87% of Russians think that the state should support the development of AI

The project office for the implementation of the national program "Digital economy" of the Analytical center under the Russian government and the all-Russian Center of public opinion research present a study on the attitude of Russians to artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

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The majority of citizens (75%) have heard about artificial intelligence technology, but only a third understand its essence – 29% of respondents were able to define AI, and 38% – named the spheres of its application. Men (40%) and young people aged 18-24 (42%) are more likely to have meaningful knowledge about AI.

The majority of Russians refers to the spread of artificial intelligence technologies positively or neutrally. 48% of respondents showed their interest and trust to the technology, 31% – neutral attitude, 7% were surprised or showed other emotions and 12% were negative. Among spheres mostly appropriate for AI implementation are science (72%), industry (69%), transport (66%).

The negative attitude to the AU is mostly tied with the possibility of technical failures (31%): 17% of respondents named the problem in the operation of equipment, 8% – getting the machine out of the control, 6% think that the person is more reliable. Also among concerns are: threat to the safety of personal data (21%) – hacking and theft of personal data (12%) and violation of personal space (9%), unpredictability of prospects (5%), lack of knowledge about the consequences of implementation (12%) and bad influence of replacing human interaction (16%).


Russians show a high level of readiness to use services based on AI. The highest level is in the sphere of state services (68%), solving everyday tasks (54%), in the field of leisure and entertainment (54%), as well as in such areas as medical care and diagnostics (52%) and education and career guidance (44%).

The majority of people (87%) think that the government should promote the development of AI technologies, firstly, thanks to the creation and financing programs of professional education (38%). Also respondents think that it’s necessary to ensure the finance support to the companies, developing AI technologies (35%), improve laws in this sphere (34%) and implement technologies in the system of state services (34%).

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