Comtech EF Data has moved closer to Russia

The American company Comtech EF Data, a manufacturer of equipment for satellite communications, made Andrey Dmitriev a sales director in Russia and the CIS. At the same time, he received the same job position at Comtech Xicom Technology (this firm produces tube amplifiers for satellite communications). Both companies are part of Comtech Telecommunications Corp. with a headquarter in Melville (New York, USA) and haven’t been represented in Russia yet.

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"Andrey Dmitriev will become a guide to our regional sales and marketing strategy in his new position. Today he is the main contact person for all clients and partners in Russia and the CIS. Andrey will work together with Alexander Levitsky, our regional engineer." - Didier Taimen, Vice President of Comtech EF Data, the EMEA region, told about the job assignment of Andrey Dmitriev.

Andrey Dmitriev told that Comtech EF Data doesn’t plan to open representative offices in Russia or other CIS countries. All sales in the region are conducted by the company through dealers. When asked about the purpose of his appointment, Andrey Dmitriev said: "the goals are the same that other suppliers have - to be closer to customers/consumers, better understand their requirements, respond to requests faster, and expand channels and total sales."

The new director of sales in Russia and CIS assesses the region entrusted to him in that way: "the market is very promising despite the current slowdown due to the pandemic and the decline of business activity. Communications will play a big role in this situation and the development of online business generates more traffic. Changes in the structure of the business in terms of transferring large volumes to online will help to create new networks and expand existing ones." Andrey Dmitriev has already started his introduction to the current affairs of the company and intends to communicate with clients as soon as the restrictions are canceled. Its main locations will be Moscow (Russia) and Montreal (Canada).


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