Eset has warned about the actions of cybercriminals in connection with the coronavirus epidemic

Eset, an international expert in the field of information security, reported the appearance of new cyber threats due to the spread of the coronavirus.

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Any disasters or emergencies that cause public unrest attract the attention of fraudsters who are ready to take advantage of panic in society. Eset experts have reviewed the ways that cybercriminals are currently using.

Hackers spread news on behalf of WHO, encouraging users to click on malicious links to get the extremely important information about the virus. In this way, they steal personal information and payment data, gaining access to the victims' accounts. It is important to be more careful and check the e-mail address: @, or ' aren’t related to WHO.

Attackers also resort to fake charity events. Mailings are created with an appeal to send a donation to search for a coronavirus vaccine for children in China.


Fraud with fake ads to buy medical masks and hand antiseptics is gaining popularity. They are used by hackers to get users' credit card details and steal money from their accounts.

Eset recommends not to be panic. Be especially attentive to any resources and mailings that contain a mention of coronavirus. Beware of fraudulent charities or crowdfunding campaigns aimed at fighting the epidemic. Ignore messages that ask for your personal or payment information. Use comprehensive antivirus solutions with email protection modules and the "anti-phishing" function.

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