Itella and Aruba have completed a project of the wireless Wi-Fi network modernization

Aruba, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, a manufacturer of products and solutions for next-generation networks, and Itella, a logistics company, have completed the deployment of a wireless network in three geographically distributed warehouse complexes with a total area of more than 200 thousand square meters.

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The pilot phase was launched at the company's warehouse complex in Khimki, in the first half of 2019. in 2020, the project was scaled to complexes in Krekshino and Lesnoy Gorodok.

"The complex landscape, the continuous movement of goods and the need to provide a large area of coverage with secure and high-speed access to the network 24/7 – all these requirements were taken into account at the design stage and implemented in the project," - said Nikolay Galkin, IT director of Itella.

Oberon IT engineers were responsible for the technical implementation. The qualification of the team allowed to organize a pre-project radio survey, conduct a pilot implementation and replication of the ready solution to all Itella warehouse complexes in a short time.

The new wireless network is based on 270 access points of Aruba IAP-305 models which provide a comfortable user experience and high data transfer speeds.

Advanced Aruba Instant technology has enabled to create a network infrastructure with advanced enterprise-class features without a dedicated hardware controller.

The solution is fault-tolerant: the network will continue to work even if the Internet connection is lost and the connection between the data center and warehouse complexes is broken off. If an access point that is a virtual controller fails, this role will switch to one of the remaining ones, the cluster will continue to work until the last access point and the built-in WIPs/IDS functionality detects and eliminates attacks on the wireless network. The chosen management system is the Aruba AirWave platform — a scalable, full-featured solution with monitoring function, security control, audit and real-time tools of troubleshooting. The access points and management system are compatible with other vendors' hardware. The equipment has a lifetime warranty with constant access to software updates.

"Our goal is to help businesses to earn more money. The market of transport and logistics services is highly competitive. To keep our leadership position and grow ahead of the curve, we choose the best high-tech solutions in our segment. The requirements for data transmission and security have increased many times with the introduction of mandatory product labeling. The existing Wi-Fi network equipment didn’t allow transmitting such data arrays at high speeds. The implementation of the new network using the high-tech Aruba equipment completely solved the problem. Smart and innovative IT solutions allow our business to meet the needs of the market and our customers, including well-known pharmaceutical brands with a global reputation," - said Nikolay Galkin.

"We are happy to cooperate with Itella and are confident that further development of the network based on Aruba solutions will bring new competitive advantages and, as a result, new opportunities for growth and development of their business," - said Ekaterina Pryanikova, head of the network solutions department of Aruba in Russia.

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