Market.CNews is preparing the first rating of CRM systems in Russia

Market.CNews, the IT marketplace announces the start of the preparation of the first rating of CRM systems in Russia. During this work, the functionality and cost of CRM of the leading market players will be analyzed.

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Why is a CRM rating of need?

CRM-system is one of the main software products in absolutely every company. It keeps track of existing and potential customers of the company, the availability of goods in stock, the status of ongoing projects, financial statistics, etc.

Many CRM systems have the ability to interact with the company's website: change product stocks, create landing pages and integrate with 1C. Even more powerful products include recruitment modules, legal and tax information preparation, competitor analysis and other features.

Thus, if earlier the CRM system was more a database of contacts and the status of certain transactions, today the functionality of CRM systems allows to fully digitize the company's business.

Naturally, it is easy to get confused in such a market. Companies need tools that allow to evaluate and compare CRM systems from different vendors. This is one of the main tasks of the CRM systems rating which will be prepared by Market.CNews.

The CRM review and rating will also provide answers to other questions:

  • The cost of CRM systems. What influences the price, delivery options and specific figures;
  • Trends at the CRM market. What features CRM systems already have and which ones will be implemented in the nearest future;
  • Who considers his business unique? Can such companies develop their own CRM system?

Criterions of rating

The SLA rating of cloud providers will take into account the following parameters:

  • Target audience of the product;
  • Cost of the CRM system;
  • Delivery options and payment frequency;
  • Availability of the free period and its features;
  • CRM system functionality;
  • and other parameters.


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