Pantum has become one of the most popular printer brands in Russia

Pantum announced that, according to the IDC report, the company reached the fourth place in terms of sales at the Russian laser printer market in 2019, thus becoming one of the largest brands of printer manufacturers in Russia.

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In 2015-2019 the company demonstrated stable growth indicators and the supply of laser printers grew by 112% on average.

Government agencies and organizations also highly appreciated Pantum's products. The company has won numerous tenders to supply printers to government organizations, banks, large corporations, educational institutions, hospitals, and other institutions.

"Since entering the Russian market, Pantum has been striving to provide users with high-quality products and services. We are on our way to become the №1 brand on the Russian market. I am very grateful to our customers and business partners for choosing us. The key priority of the company is always to offer customers high-quality products available in online and offline stores, as well as a high level of after-sales service. Moreover, the analysis of consumer experience and customer feedback allows us to improve our products," - said Alexander Kukin, Deputy sales director, Pantum.

Pantum has created a partner network that includes major online and offline channel platforms like DNS shop, Citilink, Mvideo, Ozon, and Wildberries. Besides, a national customer service network was established in Russia which covers 8 regions, more than 200 cities and cooperates with more than 500 service providers. Each purchase comes with a two-year warranty and easy online verification with a QR code.

The company follows a localization strategy in Russia by launching a local official website, social networks and hiring a professional sales team that meets the needs of the local market. In addition, the team continuously improves Pantum products based on customer feedback.


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