Russian Market: Don't Buy The Restrictions Story

ISR blog 10.07Information security is one of the most popular ICT topics in Russia. Local companies have an increasing demand for information security solutions due to increasing сyber attacks, both in number and sophistication.

Official statistics from the Russian Central Bank shows that the number of cyber-attacks in the Russian banking sphere increased by 30%. For the last two years Russian credit and financial sector loss due to fraud increased on average by 26.8%, in the telecommunications sector - by 6,8%, in retail - 16% depending on the segment.

The Russian market for protection against DDoS attacks is far from saturation, and by the year 2020 its volume is about to reach $32 million.

Local companies are especially interested in new and unique technologies for security operations centers (SOC) and intrusion detection systems (IDS).

Today up to 80% of the process control systems equipment in Russia are still imported from overseas. Why you are still not on Russian Market?


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