The market of IT services is growing

The volume of Russian market of IT services has become 7.2% higher and counts 4.84 billion dollars by the end of 2018, according to IDC researchers. They mark that import substitution in the industry is picking up its speed and they wait for the active phase of this process in 2019-2020, when legislative rules will begin to act in full measure. However such giants like Rosneft, Sberbank, Lukoil, Gazprom neft, MTS, RZD, Rosatom and Transneft can become a constraining factor for development of the Russian market of IT services.

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The research show that the highest grow was demonstrated by such categories of IT services as hosting services and software administrating and hosting of infrastructure services. The second place goes to consulting services and software customization and development of custom software, which are popular among customers, realizing digital transformation and import substitution.

It was told in the study that the subject of digital transformation is as actual as import substitution, however many customers aren’t in a hurry to invest in new products and technologies, thinking that digital transformation is a marketing step from vendors. Only big companies can experiment with new technologies and possibilities.

"Digital transformation and digital economy firmly established in the lexicon of participants of the Russian market of IT services and became a kind of mantra for both suppliers and customers. Some people hope to raise their gain, others want to develop their business processes. Under conditions of stagnating economy and pressure of sanctions, these two factors look like main stimulators of the growth of the Russian market of IT services in the nearest future", – said Vasily Agapov, analyst of IDC.

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Alexander Levashov, the editor in chief in, told that there is a little growth on the market of IT services. "As large companies become aware of the importance of digitalization, a rapid growth in insourcing starts, internal teams of IT specialists are formed and take major projects. This segment is growing by tens of precent a year. The largest corporations give their inner contractors up to one third of their IT budgets. Of course this is an obstacle for the growth of independent system integrators.

In the future the situation in large business will be developing within the same trend. Insourcing will be placed instead of outsourcing but with the lower speed than during the last years. Early or lately the stabilization will be established and inner contractors will create and develop key information systems and non-critical value systems will be served by third-party integrators", – said Alexander Levashov.

Alexander Golyshko, system analyst of system solutions management, Technoserv company, said that he is agree in general with the market estimation but the possibility of immediate transition to the active phase of import substitution is under the doubt.

Maxim Semenikhin, Managing director of Selectel company, is also agree in general with IDC experts evaluation. "Results of our company is appropriate to their summarize of the market dynamic and dominating cloud trend. Cloud services are the basis of our business. Here we continue growing 40-50% each year. Also we keep our marginality, enough for supporting the high speed of developing and investments in new infrastructure projects. In 2019 we wait for even more high tempo of growth. What is more, we think that during next three years the market of IT services will be developing and stand out on the background of other industries. Crisis, localization, projects, employees – everything will be stimulating the growth of consuming of external IT services."

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