Three Keynote Speeches at InfoSecurity Russia 2018

speakersDigital transformation is the main topic of InfoSecurity Russia 2018. There are many questions for the exposition and program events to highlight like a risk reduction in the digital economy or new opportunities and challenges of the digital world.

Our foreign partners will share their experience during Keynote speeches:

21st of November, 17:00, Hall C.

"Monitoring in the Age of Cloud, IoT and AI". Speaker: Jürgen Thiel, Head of Sales & Business Development, Paessler.

Talking points:

  • From IT monitoring to I(Io)T monitoring
  • Examples: hospitals, video surveillance, smart cities
  • Monitoring services in the cloud
  • Monitoring and AI

22nd of November, 12:00, Hall C.

"Fighting fraud with digital intelligence". Speaker: Sunil Gossain, SVP, InAuth EMEA. 

Talking points:

  • Market trends evolving changing business practice and process change
  • Digital Fraud techniques
  • Deep dive: malware, the 9 steps to stealing money, malware success stories, evolution of malware, how to mitigate malware threats
  • Tampering: What is application tampering, A real life example, How to mitigate the threat (code obfuscation and app validation)

23rd of November, 13:00, Hall C.

"Digital Technologies: The Pros and Cons of Digital Parenting becoming the norm". Speaker: Chaditsa Poulatova, International Advisor, Cyber Rescue Alliance.

Talking points:

  • The significance of digital technologies in our lives and in particular the pros and cons of digital parenting becoming the norm. The examination of the development of the digital technologies over the past decade 
  • The concept of digital parenting and how online activities of the family have transformed the outlook of traditional parenting
  • The dangers of online activity and its consequences for the whole family and the child in particular
  • The urgent need for new and more outward-looking collaborative approaches to digital parenting

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