The event exposition shows its IS and IT trends

Quantum cryptography, management and monitoring, intelligence devices are trends of recent years in information security field. The exposition of this year fully responds to these challenges. Visit the exposition >

Meet our new exhibitors with the most advanced solutions:

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Cybersecurity future: numbers and predictions

In 2015, Ginni Rometty, IBM’s chairman, president and CEO, said, "Cyber crime is the greatest threat to every company in the world". Billionaire businessman Warren Buffet says that cyber attacks are the number one problem with mankind. What changes will affect information security industry in coming years? Some predictions on this subject:

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My voice is my password. Is it safe to use voice recognition?

Passwords, fingerprint scanners, facial recognition systems… People use these and many other access systems to protect their data. And what about a voice?

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The program and the list of exhibitors are on the website - check in!

InfoSecurity Russia 2018 will take its place in Sokolniki Expo, on the 21-23rd of November. The program and the list of exhibitors are already on the website. What companies, conferences and sections will be waiting for you?

Exhibitor list > >

Program > >

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Is lower PUE causing more power outages?

According to an Uptime Institute survey, the power usage effectiveness (PUE) of data-centers achieves its best result today but power outages happen more often. 

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Agile or DevOps? Or both?

Companies all around the world have already implemented the Agile methodology of software development and reaped its benefits in terms of smaller development times. However DevOps have emerged as more upgraded approaches of managing the software development life cycle (SDLC). Are there any differences between these two approaches and what are they?

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InfoSecurity Russia 2018: registration is opened!

InfoSecurity Russia 2018 will take place on 21-23 of November, Moscow, Sokolniki Expo, Pavilion 4.1. Get your ticket > 

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InfoSecurity Russia 2018 makes its conferences and exposition work together.

The use of cloud and migration of application: how customers make decisions? Fraud detection – independent mechanism or module as a part of other security instruments?

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Russian Market: Don't Buy The Restrictions Story

Information security is one of the most popular ICT topics in Russia. Local companies have an increasing demand for information security solutions due to increasing сyber attacks, both in number and sophistication.

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InfoSecurity Russia 2018: economy’s digitalization challenge

This year Expo Agenda focuses on potential security threats and challenges that state, business, and citizens have to face due to the global switch to digital economy.

What topics are you welcome to speak?

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